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The goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer. The dealer, however, plays with a house advantage due to the probabilities in Blackjack. The purpose of a Blackjack strategy is to reduce and at best minimize this house advantage. Here we present various strategies, from an easy-to-learn basic strategy to advanced complex strategies. For beginners, we recommend that you first learn the basic strategy in order to develop a basic level of confidence in the game, and then learn the other strategies step by step.

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10 December 2018


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Responsible gaming: Even if you are passionate about gambling, it should always be a hobby or a pastime where you should never play with money you can't spare. If you find that you have an urge to gamble, this could be a sign of a possible gambling addiction and you should seek professional advice. You'll find a first point of contact in case of a possible gambling addiction here.

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