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Thor's Lightning Red Tiger

Thor's Lightning is a cluster slot machine, which, as the name suggests, is based on the Nordic Thunder God Thor. The game is built on 7x7 reels and rows n which the winning clusters will be built.

The center of the slot is a grey block of 3x3 tiles, which will be colored by the winnings of the adjacent clusters. If all nine tiles of the block are colored, one of two different types of Free Spins will be unlocked, giving you the opportunity to make substantial wins.

 Thors Lightning Slot EN

Thor's Lightning Features Overview

Basic Game

In the basic game of the Cluster Slot slot Thor's Lightning, the symbols must form winning groups, so-called clusters. At least 5 symbols with the upper, lower or a side edge must be next to each other. Symbols that are only connected by a corner do not belong to a cluster. Just like with classic slot machines, more symbols also mean higher winnings. In addition, the slot machine also uses cascades in which the symbols of a winning combination explode and then are replaced by new symbols. This continues until no more winning cluster are made. The minimum bet on this slot is 0.20 EUR/USD/GBP and the maximum bet is 40.00 EUR/USD/GBP.

Thor's Lightning Slot has a total of 8 different symbols plus a wild symbol. First there are 4 different runes for the low winning combinations. For the high winnings there are of course symbols from the Nordic legends. First there is one of the two ravens Odins (Hugin or Munin), where the maximum win of 40 or more symbols (49 symbols for free spins) is 100 times the bet value. The next symbol is one of Odin's two wolves (Geri or Freki), where the maximum win is 150 times the stake. Yggdrasil, the Nordic World Tree, wins 200 times the bet as maximum win, but the most important symbol on this slot machine is of course Thor's Hammer. With 40 or more Thor's Hammer symbols, the win is 500 times the bet.

The Wild symbol is probably supposed to represent Odin himself and replaces all paying symbols at its position.

Thor's Lightning Bonus Features

Hammer Feature

Thor can appear in front of the reels and throw his hammer at any time during the base game. When this happens, the hammer destroys symbols on the reels, which are replaced by new ones to make a profit. If you win, the cascade mode is also activated here.

Lightning Feature

The Lightning feature can start at any time during the basic game with lightning strikes on the reels. They change symbols, remove them and replace them with new ones, or they replace symbols with the wild symbol.

Thor's Lightning Free Spins

In the Free Spins feature, the 3x3 symbol block in the middle, already mentioned in the description of the basic game, plays the most important role. If one or more symbols border directly on the block during a spin, including the cascades, the adjacent symbols of the block will be activated. If all symbols of the block are activated, one of two possible free spin features will start.

Valhalla Free Spins Feature

The Walhall Free Spins come with completely empty reels. On each free spin, a different number of golden shields run across the reels, and at the end of the spin, some of them remain on the reels. After the last free spin, the shields on the reels are turned over and they show multipliers, which are added together and from the sum of which the winnings are calculated.

Muspell Free Spin Feature

The Muspellsheim Free Spins are played with a set of symbols on the reels where all the low symbols are missing and only the high symbols are played. In this free spin, the lava feature is practically a feature within the feature. The lava can destroy symbols and replace them with other symbols or the wild symbol. In combination with the cascades and due to the exclusively high symbols, the highest winnings are possible in this free spin feature.

Thor's Lightning - Our Rating

Thor's Lightning has some great features and brings with its concept real variety into the world of slot machines. But also the graphics and the sound of the slot ensure that it can offer real entertainment. Our only point of criticism is the autoplay function, where no fixed number of automatic spins can be selected. Otherwise, we can say that slot enthusiasts should watch this slot machine at least in demo mode in a casino of their choice.

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