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Roulette Rules and Guide

Roulette is probably the world's best known and most popular game in all casinos, online and offline. It is a random game in which 1 out of 36 numbers and zero (0) as the winning number is determined randomly with the help of the spinning wheel (Roulette = French for small wheel).

To do this, the ball is rotated through the sloping kettle. Due to the loss of speed, the ball sinks deeper in the kettle and finally falls in the wheel into the pocket with the winning number. This all sounds pretty simple, but Roulette offers several ways for you to place your bets. Below you'll find everything you need to know about Roulette.


Playing Roulette

The most important info for every player (especially when playing for real money) is that roulette is a game of chance that always offers the provider a house advantage. If you have already looked at the roulette table and the maximum payout for betting on a single number, you may have already noticed why.

In Roulette, you can win a maximum of 35:1 by betting on a single number. However, the wheel contains the numbers 1 to 36 and the 0 (zero), i.e. 37 possible winning numbers. This gives the operator of the game a decisive advantage, which means that, even if dubious comrades like to claim otherwise or offer 'the best system ever known', that there is no safe system with which you can reliably win in Roulette permanently. It doesn't matter which system you play with, your chances of winning are always the same. And even more important: The bank always has an advantage of 2.7% on its side.

Nevertheless, Roulette is an exciting game that can provide a lot of entertainment as long as you are aware that winning at Roulette is always associated with a not negligible amount of luck. To help you understand how to place your bets at the roulette table, below we explain the different types of bets you can make on roulette.

The different Bets on Roulette

Plein / Straight Up - A Single Number

With the Plein Bet, you play a single of the 37 numbers with your bet, the payout odds are 35:1.

Cheval / Split - Two Numbers

With the Cheval or Split Bet, you play two adjacent numbers on the tableau, such as 10/11 or 10/13, each with half your bet. The bet is placed on the line between the two numbers. If the ball falls into one of the two numbers, the payout ratio is 17:1.

Transversale / Street - Three Numbers

If you make a Transversal or Street Bet, you play three adjacent numbers (one row) on the tableau by placing the bet on the outer line at the border where the three numbers you played are adjacent, for example 10/11/12. The payout odds are 11:1.

Carrè / Corner - Four Numbers

The Carrè or Corner Bet gives you the opportunity to play four numbers simultaneously, side by side, on top of each other and diagonally to each other, for example 10/11/13/14. The bet is placed on the cross of the lines that separate the numbers from each other. If the ball falls into one of the four numbers, the payout ratio is 8:1.

Transversale Simple / Line - Six Numbers

The Transversale Simple or Line Bet is similar to the Transversale Bet, but you don't just play three numbers in a transverse row, you play six numbers in two transverse rows, one above and one below the other. The bet is placed at the edge of the tableau where the line separating the two rows meets the outer line of the tableau. The payout ratio is 5:1.

Douzaines / Dozen - A Dozen (12) Numbers

The Douzaines or Dozen Bet plays the first twelve (1-12), second twelve (13-24) or third twelve (25-36) numbers on the tableau. The bet is placed next to the tableau in the fields provided. In the event of a win, the payout ratio is 2:1.

Colonnes / Column - Twelve Numbers

With the Colonnes Bet, the 12 numbers in the three vertical rows of the tableau are played. The bets are placed in the fields provided below the colons and the payout ratio is 2:1.

Red / Black - Eighteen Numbers

This bet plays all the red or black numbers on the tableau. The bet is placed next to the tableau in the corresponding "Red" or "Black" box. The payout ratio is 1:1.

Even / Odd - Eighteen Numbers

This bet plays all even or odd numbers on the tableau (zero is neither even nor odd). The bet is placed in the designated fields next to the tableau. The payout ratio is 1:1.

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